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We are missionaries to the Amazon region of Ecuador working with the indigenous people groups out in the jungle. These people do not have the same privileges as we do for clean running water, let alone the ability for good hygiene. Seeing this as a need, we decided to start an outreach ministry to bring soap to some of the deepest parts of the jungle.

In the living conditions that most of these villages are in, over 2.2 million children under the age of 5 die each year from bacterial and diarrheal diseases. This comes from not being able to wash their hands after using raw meat, working out in the fields, and using the bathroom.

By bringing soap out to these villages, it cuts down 50% of the child death rate and gives the people an option to keep their families from catching these diseases.

The whole purpose of this ministry is to not only give these people an opportunity for a cleaner life but to also create a relationship with them and to bring them the gospel.

By purchasing 1bar of our soap, you are giving 4 people the ability to live a cleaner life and the option to hear about the good news.